How To Have A Stress Free Life An Be Successful At It

Tips on how you can planning your life is so important it helps you have the sense of direction that you are wanting.

It seems like I take two steps forward instead of going two steps back.  Most of the time I always on top of things.  There are like I'm being pulled in many directions, With no end in sight.

Do you feel this way most of the time? Or Most of the time you feel like a superwoman that can do it all.   Then you asked yourself why am I so overwhelmed with everything that is around you.  But you're still wondering how to overcome this.

You spend hours and hours on your computer looking for something that might help you with production tips and how to organizes your day,  you have dreamed of this perfect routine for your morning to go smoothly, and achieving your goals is a big accomplishment in your life.

Not putting off anything for another day.  You just set your mind to it and it does get done.  And day after day you continually hear this little voice in your ear what is for dinner.

To your surprise, a little angel comes out of know were, and says,  everything is going to be ok.

Are you this person?

I can relate!

Take one day at a time:

Taking on so much at one time is so successful.  Setting your priorities and your goals helps you keep you on track.  Creating an action plan is key to your success, and accomplishing what you set out to do.

Setting weekly goals:

Keeping yourself in a course that helps you be more productive in accomplishing your to-do list in a manner of your priorities, code inside with the goals that you set.  Understandably, life does get busy from time to time.

Creating an action plan :

The key to your success is having an action plan in place.  It helps you have a sense of direction that you want to take your productivity in getting more done.  Without this plan in place, it seems like your not going anywhere.   Pinterest has some amazing ideas that might work for you.  To create an action plan that fits your needs also your family needs as well.

Create a morning routine:

A morning routine is beneficial for your household to run smoothly.  Planning ahead is so important in so many ways, it helps you with knowing what your family is going to have a healthy breakfast before they head off to school or to work.  You would not feel so rushed in the morning, also everyone will have everything that they need for the day, without forgetting something important that you need to turn in to your teacher, or that special project that your boss is waiting for.  You would be able to get out the door in a calm manner.  So everyone can be on time for work and school.

Assigning a special day for planning:

It is beneficial when you take the time to put all these systems altogether, Having these tools helps you with the direction that you are going to take.  When everything works together like a well-oiled machine.   You will see that everything is going to fall in place and your household will run so smoothly that you would be able to have free time to spend with the family and be able to enjoy life stress-free.

Having a successful budget when you're broke.

Struggling to make ends meat, starting a budget that you can commit too.

It takes a lot of commitment and education on how to manage your money should be.  Following these tips on how to set up a budget when you are broke.

In our discussion of how to create a basic-world budget.  The advice that goes along with it doesn't apply when you are struggling in making ends meet.

The basic concepts are there, Is just understanding the breakdown of money and how it works too.  Everyone's situation is a little unique than others.  It might seem to be a bit different in many ways.

Here are some tips that will help you get back on track that you need to know.

  •  To  Assess your financial situation
  •  Cut back on your spending
  •  Prioritizes your money goals
  •  Tackle your debt

To assess your financial situation:

So If you have more money that is going out, instead of coming in.  This how your financial plan is going to be spending less and earning more.  The first assessment is to take a look at your expenses and your spending,  it will help you make realistic goals in creating a realistic budget.

So important to break down your expenses over a few months.  Categorizes and separate them into needs and wants.  separating will help you prioritizes your finances.  To give you a clear understanding of your needs and wants.

Identify your problem areas

Taking notes of your spending habits.  Do you have a coffee habit that you would be able to cut from your budget?  Many times, you will find something that will leak into your budget you need to be plugged up.

The biggest thing is to figure out where they are.  And keep them in mind when you are creating your budget.

Cutting back on your spending:

Figuring out ways that you cut from your expenses.  By looking at your want category.  So important to allow yourself a little room in your budget.   Just remember the important factor in managing your money, is downsizing your lifestyle.

So if you are having a hard time paying your bills, you might want to look at your luxuries.

  • Cable plan
  • Your cellphone plans
  • a vacation that you want to take. 

When your finances get tight.  What are the first amenities you cut back on?  Only you can find the answer.

Saving money on your bills.

As you set aside your wants, take a look at your needs. You might a lot of saving through there. Particular in your bills.

Being frugal is your best friend when you are struggling to make ends meet.  Make the most of your money and for the things that you spend on.

  • stretching your meals.
  • Learn to do it yourself
  • Save on housing.

The option will vary. Adopt the frugal lifestyle and continue to look for opportunities to help cut costs.

Prioritizes your money goals:

Many people wonder if they should focus on their debt or saving as a priority.  The answer is in your financial situation.  If you are not prepared for those situations that are not planned.  It might take a little time to build the saving or an emergency fund.

It will help you focus on a budget and sticking to it.  When a setback arises.

Tackling your debt:

Picking the method that will not put you at risk of unraveling by ignoring your debt.   You have to come up with a repayment plan that works for you.

  • Debt snowball method:   by paying a small amount on paying down your debt to build up momentum with your creditors.  
  • Debt Avalanche method:  Pay debts with the highest interested rates first. 

The best writing tips for beginner blogger to be successful.

A guide with the best writing tips, to help you publish a well organized blog post, sensable in writing form.
writing/ blogging tips

I was lost in the beginning, when it came to my blog and creating content.   I had enlisted note pads with titles along with a High amount of expectation of goals. I didn't have any plans to go along with it.

I was still wondering how do I get it all done.  Until I can to the realization from the advice of all the bloggers that I have met along the way.   On writing the perfect blog post has changed everything for me.

Taking Notes:

Sticky notes are the best way to write down Ideas, But a notebook might be better.   I carry with me is a small note pad so when the inspiration arises I would be able to jot it down.  There are times that I would forget to write them down.

The greater writer of the century write down their thoughts or ideas and refer back to them from time to time. 

For some reason, If I  forget to take with me my note pad, or sticky notes.  I would use the Trello app to jot down thoughts and keep them organized.

You would be able to create different boards, with multiple lists on it. And have the organized in the different categories.  I also created an editorial calendar than the selected due date to keep me on track.

So at the last minute, you don't want to come up with a blog post.  Or forget a blog topic that will be perfect for your blog.

Write something every day:

I would like to add, I genuinely trying to write something each day.  But if the inspiration is not there it makes it difficult.  I read those days.

This is easier to develop the skill of reading and writing skills working toward masting your craft.

Best benefits of writing or reading every day.

  • Improving your writing skills
  • To expands your vocabulary
  • making writing a habit helps with writer block.
  • Improves your memory
  • Increase your knowledge and skill
  • Improves focus and concentration

Outlining your blog post:

It was a game-changer for me. to take my time to organize my thoughts in an outline to make sure that I do cover everything in the blog post that I am writing.

For my first draft, I create the catchy headline along with the subtitles, contribute to the title.

Asked these questions:

Ask yourself what all you want to cover in your article?

What do I need to include for your article?

Any of these tips could I use?

By creating an outline you will receive a better flow to your article.  So that your thoughts and your head make sense in writing form.

I don't publish my blog post right away. I take a day or so before publishing to find tune my article, Might add a few more thoughts.


So important to take the time and edit and proofread your article before you publish it.  this is one of the biggest things for me. 

Is finding the correct software to help me correct all the grammar errors, all the spelling areas. Before I hit the publish button.

Grammarly is my best friend.   Help me place the correct commons in the right place. so much more.

6 tips to help you balance your work life and running a blog.

tips to help you with the challenges of running a blog and working to find the balance that you are seeking.
Blogging tips

Show me a person that works outside of the home also runs a blog as well.  A confident person seems to be doing both.   I'm one of those bloggers that work outside home also runs a blog too.  So I understand first hand how hard to balance your life, work and running a blog?

I have the opportunity first hand to tell you it isn't easy.  In the beginning, I did find it a little hard at first. By keeping up with everything that I had to do for my blog, And be consistent with it.

By being organizing and following some of the simple tips.  It takes a lot of hard work. But is not impossible to do. With the confidence that you have to be more consistent with my blog.

There are so many struggling bloggers out there that work outside the home also running a blog too.    Some of them have to take a break from their blogs until work comes down at some point.
At some point, they will come back to it. 

I'm sharing these tips to help you with the struggles of finding balance with life working outside of the home and running a blog too.

1. Managing your time:

As you are working away from your blog,  managing your time is a key facture in running a successful blog.

Allocate time to work on your blog is so important. And it helps you be more effective too.

To be able to work on content, and be able to publish more consistently on my blog.

2. Might say having a schedule is your best friend:

The best thing is to schedule your post ahead of time, is one of the useful tool to help you balance, life and work, even your blog life.  By scheduling your tweets,  is a helpful way to stay active on social media while you are working.

It does take the pressure off by scheduling your posts ahead of time. It saves you a lot of time also free up time to enjoy writing and do some blogging too.

3.  Eliminate those distractions that come up:

So if you need some downtime.  Is to eliminate some of the distraction is the key factor it helps you to make more use of your time and allows you to be more productive.

Which means you work on tasks you need for your blog.

4.  Try to reach out for some Guest Bloggers:

So if you are still struggling with writing posts for your blog.    Reach out to other bloggers to write a guest post is a wonderful thing.  Allows your blog to have continuous content being published and having people engaging on your blog.

5. When you have some downtime, write more and take the photo in bulk:

Writing your content, and taking all the photos and have this set up ahead of time does save your time. And having them ready ahead of time is a wonderful thing.  So that you would have plenty of content to have ready to be put out.

This is so helpful when work gets busy.

If now else fail, taking a break from your blog until work gets less busy.  So that you would be able to find more time to dedicate to your blog.   There is no pressure.

It took me a little time to be organized.   With my blog,  a good routine is key to running a successful blog.   Which has become easier for me? From time to time still have some challenges.   But it is worth it. 

Love to hear in comments If you too run a blog, and do you work as well.

The untold truth about blogging that no blogger would ever be told.

Untold storeies about blogging that hasn't been told to anyone.
Blogging tips

Blogging sucks The untold truth about blogging that no blogger has ever told.

The truth about blogging, Sometimes it does suck!

Yes, I said it!

The Expectation of the blogging world is filled with all the lattes in the world, all the words that were written, with all the cups of coffee that were drunk. 

This is real that no one wants to talk about it.  Expecting that you could make easy money as well.

The hard fact about blogging word that no blogging wants to talk about it.

These are the cold-hearted facts of being a blogger, Let me first say that I am not sharing this information to distract you from starting that blog, Or choosing this career path.

Not at all!

I'm only sharing these ugly truths blogging I want you to come into this with open-eyes and be able to have a realistic expectation.

So many bloggers out there making a six-figure income and working a part-time schedule this is the norm.  This is not the rule, You might say it is an expectation that many do have.

So they might have worked so hard,  But gotten lucky in finding the right niche at the right time.   So they are sharing all the sweet truth about blogging because the made it.

That is not going to fly around here!

I'm not here sharing all the pretty side of blogging.  I'm here sharing the whole truth, the good, the bad also the ugly.

 I'm taking you over to the dark side of blogging.  You need to see and be prepared for that if you are going to make this business.

Fact 1:

Blogging takes a lot of work!

Know matter what other people say or trie to portray their own life or blogging as a career. 

Takes a lot of your time, and effort on your part and strategies action must be taken.

It is not about writing a few articles, and watch your readers roll in.  Which doesn't work that way?

I believe that everyone can do this.  Just try to be realistic with the process.  And except that it is going to take time and a whole lot of work.

Fact 2:

In the beginning, you will be stuck on your phone and your laptop.    You will utilize all the automation tools at a time you might want to outsource to others as well.   Otherwise, you are a one-man show.

With the research, the writing, editing, optimizing, promoting, and social media are all done by you.   For the first year.

 This is the norm.  Just like I mention this in the intro.   So many of those six-figure bloggers have a lot of help.

Fact 3:

You might not have the support of your family or friends with your blogging venture.

This is one of many blogger struggles with talking about this.   But I feel this is something that we should talk about. 

For someone that just started their new blog to the world, they are more excited and want to share it with there family and friend, they are there worse cricket.

This might discourage you in some way.  Believe me, it does.    Just focus on the one that needs a  little help and they would love to see or hear what you are writing about, what solution you might have.

Fact 4:

The problem is with this we don't take the time to eat lunch or take the necessary breaks that we need.   Most of the time we eat something that is unhealthy just to keep going.

Take care of your self in your blogging journey.  Keep healthy snacks by you and drink plenty of water too. 

This is important, to stretch daily also set some time to exercises.

Fact 5:

The biggest thing is that other people steal your work.  Which is not cool and give blogging a bad name. 

Instead of being mad about it just be prepared for it.  It does happen and it does suck.  Because there are people out there that are just lazy and are unofficial too. 

what is the proper length of a blog post to be successful.

Many new bloggers have asked this question,  What is the perfect length for a blog post?  How should my blog post be?

Common length idea to help you find your own ideal lenght.
Blogpost length/ blogging tips

Every blogger would like to have:

  • More comments
  • Increase its readers
  • More links
  • Increase its traffic

Many writers would like to build their audience base online. It is essential to learn how to write a great blog post. So if you have been blogging for a long time, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what your audiences are wanting. Comes to terms blog length.

Have I gotten you there?

Now content is King?  So what is the perfect length, that will help you to get more readers to read and share your blog post?

It is a   myth: When it comes down to a shorter blog post it better?

The experts in blogging feed into this myth with shorter is better.   A blog post should never be any more than 600 words long.

The reason is the reader has a short attention span when it comes to reading your article that is too long.

They say that the only way that you can get more readers, is to write a short and sweet blog post.

Don't feed into that.  Honestly when I first started in blogging, The first year I fell into that.  I believed the myth was true.    I have learned more about what makes your reader read your blog post.

It depends, with the mini of 100 words length up to 2000 word length.   Each has different advantages.  It depends on what you are wanting to get out of your blog.

By having this in mind, Let me asked you these questions for what you are trying to accomplished with your blog.

Do you want more comments on your blog:

Shorter is better, especially when your post is asking your reader a question to generating conversation.

Blogging tip: Try writing a discussion-based post at least 275-word length to share on twitter.   With the main purposed of generating discussion.

So if you are trying to receive more engagement with your readers, Just post something short.

Do you want more shares on social media:

So how many shares that you receive on social media is influenced by several factors, like the topic you written about, the post quality, of course, the sizes of your audience.

Still wondering the effect of the length as to do with social shares.

So if you are wanting more shares, Just aim for a medium-length blog post between the 600-word length to 1250 word length.  You still have to write a good blog post with a good headline with a compelling premise, that solves your reader's problem.

Do you want more traffic from Google to your blog:

Who doesn't want more traffic from google?  One of the best resources is writing guess post, which drives thousand on new audiences to your blog.  It might take a little bit for other search engines, to discover your blog.

So if you still are wanting to have more traffic from google.  Write a more research blog post-2500 words in length.

Search engines love long blog post solving readers' problems.   Longer posts sometimes don't receive a lot of comments.

I learned since I've been writing blog posts, The opposite trues with longer is better.  Some of my best blog posts have been  1,000 words long.

3 Perfect length for a blog post:

So what is the perfect length?

The perfect length for a blog post:

So what is a perfect length?  Does it depend on what you are wanting to get out of your blog?  I have written various types of blog posts that were different lengths,  from 100 words to 2,000 words.

Creating a writing schedule to benefit writing more

Finding a sweet spot when scheduling your writing time. you would be able to enjoy more and able to get more things done. and be more productive with your day too.
blogging/writing tips

Is it just me time is at a premium these days?

Even though we have the same time amount of time as Einstein and Marie Curie, But it doesn't seem like there is not enough time to be productive in it.

In a Twisted way of fake. With all the technology at our fingertips, that has taken some of our tasked away from us. It seems like you don't have enough time to get everything done on your to-do list.

Well, it is time to get organized, It is time to create a writing schedule?

Creating and Making an Editorial Calendar:

Pull out a big calendar, or google calendar that can sync to your smartphone.  Start putting in deadlines outline them in Red on your calendar, and place it somewhere especially next where you are going to writing zone.

Consider the deadline might be a little scary. But the world is not going to end if you don't make some of your deadlines.

Once you have all your deadlines set on your calendar page.  Take a moment to see if there is a recurring theme that you want to share for the entire month.  Sometimes it doesn't work with some of the scenarios.  But if the theme stands out.  Take advantage of it.

Think about the foundation of a platform that you are developing within that month.

So by creating an editorial calendar might take you four hours, to create, and it does save you a lot of time too.

Blocking out time:

When is the best time for your brain to be alive?  Would it be in the morning, or would it be late at night, That you would be able to carve out some time for your craft, or blog and writing too?

Your editorial calendar has to be planned.  Be consistent in making time  There is no perfect time for writing. 

If you wait for the perfect moment to write, You might die inside when you didn't finish your next blog post, or writing the perfect manuscript.   You have to make time to write.

A professional writer knows the worth of their writing. They take their priority over all the distractions.

Cluster your post:

So if you are finding that you are writing a similar post.  It is best to write them around the same time as your writing schedule.

Instead of having all the multiples ideas, digging deeper into the one, let it take the multiple directions that you are wanting it to.

It allows your thoughts to be well-formed well leading you to a better-written blog post.   With shorter writing time.

We do all want that.

Once you have written these well-written blog posts, you might want to schedule them for a future time

The bottom line is Finding a writing schedule that works for you, can stick too.

Some so many people have this magical formula that is great and wonderful that works for them. But not for you.

Other writers stay up to the wee hours of the morning to write.   So I asked this question.

What does it mean for you?  You will find the answer to you only.


By creating a writing schedule helps you stay organizes,  Being able to implement deadlines,  seeing a recurring theme that stands out, you have taken advantage of.   By creating an editorial calendar it takes you about 4 hours to make, save you time too.

To block out time for writing.  And not wait for the perfect moment to write.  thinking about the foundation of the platform your working with.   Plan with an editorial calendar, be able to carve out some time to work on your craft or writing your next blog post.

 what are some of your tips that you would like to share in the comments below?

8 tips to save money within their budget

A simple guide to help you find ways to cut out impulse purchased, create a saving plan that you can watch it grow.
Budgeting tips/ Saving money

Talking about some simple step by step guide to help you save money and figure out a simple and realistic strategy, you can save for all the long and short goals.

Recording your expenses:

The first step in saving money is to figure out how much do you spend.  Keeping track of all your expenses is so important, on how many coffees, household items you purchased, or how many cash tips that you have left.

Once you have all the data organizes them in the number of categories such as groceries, gas, mortgage, total each amount. 

For the accuracy of using a credit card, by confirming with a bank statement, for the correct amount.

A tip that I have for you is: 

Find a free tracking app to help you get started.  Your local bank might have some simple tools or apps that you can choose in the digital programs that automatically categories your transactions for easier budgeting

Saving on your budget:

Once you have a general idea of what you're spending in a month. You will begin organizing your expenses on a budgeting log, or a budgeting worksheet.

Your budget should outline your expenses and how they manage up to your income as well.  So you can able to plan your spending to limited the overspending.   factoring in expenses occur regularly but not every month thing.   Such as car maintenance, even car repairs too.

A tip here:

Aim for 10 to 20 percent of your income in your savings category that you have included in your budget.  Which is so important to have.

Finding some way to cut your expenses:

If your spending is so hard, that you will be able to save that much that you are wanting.  Maybe it is time to find areas in your budget to cut back on.

Some necessary ways that you spend less on such as dining out or entertainment like going to the movies, or weekend trips.

Help you find saving in the fix month expenses, such as tv and cellphone as well too.

Here are some tips on how you can cut everyday expenses:

Using resources in your local community of events that are free to residents. Or some low-cost events, that will help you cut some of your entertaining budgets.

Cancel some of your memberships to the gym that you are not using, even the magazines that automatically renewable.   Any other subscription that you have to cancel also.

commit to your family that you would be eating a home.  Only eat out only once a month.

Give yourself a period to cool off a little bit when you do an impulse purchased,  Just wait for just a day or so,   You might be happy that it passed, being able to save up for it shortly.

Your saving goals:

Asked these questions: 

What are you going to be saving for, Such as a family vacation, a new home, even a new car? maybe for your wedding much more.

Figure out how much money would you need, and how long would it take you to save for it.

A tip here is:

Setting a small achievable short term goal,  something that is fun, and big enough that you aren't going to have cash on hand to pay for it such as a new cellphone, or a new outfit too.

By reaching those small goals and knowing you can reward yourself and having fun saving for it.

Decide your priorities are:

After your income and expenses and your goals, have a bigger impression on how you are saving.   Which is allocated for your long term goals,  such as saving for your retirement,  which doesn't take the backside of your short term goals. 

Tips here:

Knowing what your priorities and goals along with your saving goals.  Have a clear picture of what they are also reviewing them from time to time and make the changes that are needed to.  So if you are going to be replacing your window in your home,  start saving money now for that project.

Picking the right saving tools:

So if you are saving for the short term goals,  Pick a secured savings account that is FDIC - deposit account.

For the long term goals,  pick an FDIC IRA that is secured that is tax-efficient saving about.


You would be able to have one or more accounts, but you have to look at the options that go along with it.

Making saving automatic:

Most of the banks have automatic transfers between your checking and saving.    You have to choose how much are you doing to automatically transfer to your savings account.  You might consider with direct deposit, on a portion of your paycheck to be deposited into the savings account.

Splitting your direct deposit with a certain amount that automatically going into your savings account, is the best way that you are going to save money.

Watching it grow:

Reviewing your budget each month and seeing the progress that you are making to save money. By reviewing your saving plans,  that you would be the quickest way to fix those areas that you have identified.  To help you keep on track with your saving goals. 

It also inspires you to take control of your finances,  and find more ways to help you hit your goals faster.


Having a clear understanding of how your expenses and income work hand in hand in saving money. Making a plan for something that you are wanting to purchase. Knowing that you are saving for it.  Having a clear path of what your priorities are with your short and long term goals.   Creating a saving plan that you would be able to monitor regularly that you can stick too, also is helping you save money too. 

So what are some of your tips with saving money within your budget?  I would like to hear some of them.

how to declutter your kitchen and being successful in doing so.

Tips on how to reduce the clutter and create a happy home
Decluttering your kitchen

The majority of us spend time at home is in the kitchen.  The Kitchen is the heart of your home where everyone gathers to talk about your day, Even what are you going to be cooking for dinner. Share some of the family secrets and have a meal together.

Your kitchen acts as the center stage of our life, which is why this is the most cluttered room in your home. This clutter affects us in so many ways. It might want you to overeat or maybe purchases something at am impulse, You might feel the anxiety a.nd stress comes along. 

You are wondering how to do this. When you don't know-how. Still wondering how to do this.   Let's take a look at the clutter and how it can hurt you in so many ways.   And why it is worth your time to simplify and how to declutter your kitchen in 5 easy steps.

Why does clutter hurt us:

So if your kitchen is one of the rooms that is messy all the time.  It might cause you to snack more. 

Studies show that clutter causes you to have emotional behaviors when there is so much clutter in your kitchen it makes is too chaotic, and you feel so out of control.   And you consuming twice the calories. 

You might want to blame yourself for the messy that you have created. 

How do you save money when you declutter:
Having a clean and organized Kitchen saves you money for real.  In so many ways.   You might have created ways for healthy eating.  You might be able to snack less, on all the junk food that is around you. And it is nice to have a tidy kitchen too. 

You would have fewer health issues, and you are finding that you have more energy too.  Might think of it this way clutter is like a waste of money on items that you don't need or even want. So if you can not find this particular kitchen tool. you might consider purchasing another one.   YOur still feeding into the messy kitchen more.

Once you take the time to declutter and organize your kitchen you really are wanting it to say that way. You popular will stay clear from cluttered.

Having a clean and organizes kitchen it inspires you to cook more at home.    There are tons of ways that you would be able to eat healthy meals on a budget.   One of the best things by cooking more at home.

You will able to cook more with the kids,  and giving them the confidence of keeping and clean and organized kitchen on a path of healthy eating.

How to declutter &Simplify your kitchen:

Take a moment and look around your kitchen, which is where you drop the mail and leave all those dirty dishes.  And you look at all the piles of laundry just waiting for your wash and fold and put it away.

Even your countertops are a place where all the electronics are just sitting there charging.   Seeing all the fruit uneaten, And a place where your purse sits on the counter.   Seeing all the items crammed in place you will never know.

Which makes decluttering and organizing your kitchen space look like a million tasked to put together.   It is worth the effort that you put into it.   So put on your favorite CD And let's get going.

Set a timer:

Roman was done in one afternoon.  So if you have other things that you are doing. Just like your kitchen, it is so important to work 30 mins intervolves.   Which you can break up the different tasked to keep your energy up to avoid all the fatigue that can set in.

Before you start, have three boxes set aside,  one that you can store items,  the other one is for items that you are going to sell and the third one is for items that you are going to be donating at your local retail store.   And the last one is for items that are broken that you want to throw away.

Focusing on one area:

It is so easy to be distracted by cleaning out your cabinets, or someone that calls you on the phone,  or even gripping items and create more clutter and a chore too.

The best strategy is to go through one drawer and clean them out and organized them one at a time.  The same strategy is for one cabinet as well.   Decided if these items stay or go.   The kitchen is the best place for them.

The best thing is not to gaze your way through your kitchen. Then decluttering randomly, it is so easy to get discouraged from time to time. 

The question that you are wanting to ask yourself:

  • Do I use this:  Or you might use it in the new future. Or maybe not.  But if you want to have more space in your kitchen you have to get rid of it now to free us the space that you are needing. 
  • How many do I have:   Over the year you have accumulated a lot of extra items, such as wooden spoons, plastic ware, or storage bins too.  You have to decide how many items do you use regularly, and which one that you don't need. 
  • Would I purchased this today: The way our cooking style or your decorative style it changes from time to time.  Why did I purchase these?   The answer is just donated them. 
Just remove items that don't belong:

As I take a look at my kitchen there are some items that I know that don't belong there.  At this point clutter is clutter.  Your kitchen counter is famous for that.  Every home has the same issue. 

So once you are done with decluttering, it is the best thing, to relocated items that you have places in a box.   So don't waste your time at this moment, just wait for when your decluttering is done.

Set yourself up for success:

The sparkle of a brand new clean and organized kitchen takes to maintain regularly.   So important for you to have a daily routine when it comes to catching all the clutter when it come.

So you have to take a look at what your family is doing in the kitchen like cooking, together,  even having your family meals there too. 

The kids might be doing their homework there, also you might be looking up for recipes for some dinner idea.

By using the same process to simplify your cabinets and your cleaning products even under your sink so much more.

Final thought:

Having a clean and organizes kitchen it set the tone, in your home, that carries through with the rest on your house too.

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How to start a blog as a newbie.

A guide to help you start your very own blog with key tips to decrease the overwhelms.
Starting a Blog

You have been thinking for a while about starting a blog.  But you don't know how or have any clue where to begin.  You came to the right place.  I will be sharing some reasons on how to become a blogger.

One of the most important reasons is blogging is a great way to expresses yourself creativity.  It gives you a chance to help your readers in so many ways.  With your knowledge and your expertise as well. 

Blogging is a legit way for yourself to make money online these days.  There is 2 million blog post that is published every day.   And maybe you would like to be one of them. 

But there is one problem.  Since you don't have any clue how to get starting in blogging.  I know how it feels. 

My blog story:

I sat down at my computer in February 2017,  to start a blog.  About two hours later I was in tears, of the frustration that I was experiencing at that moment,  which was an understatement when there was so much to do. 

I did the obvious thing I completely froze.  So after a few hours, I was gnashing my teeth in frustration.  I was finally was able to tackle all the basic things, to get my blog up and running.   So if you are wanting to take the plunge in blogging.   I don't want you sitting at your computer crying on the first day.  Just like I did. 

Learning the in's and out's of starting a blog, and considering of making money with it.   It can be a challenge from time to time. 

There is so much more to expect when you are a beginner in blogging. 

You have to think about what you are going to write about, and who is going to take the time to read your first blog post.  

Trying to figure out how to promote it to receive some traffic to it. 

So if you are wanting to turn your blog into a business you would have to invest a little more time. You have to be ok in spending a little money on your blog so that it would stand out among all the gazillion blogs that are out there. 

You want to start a blog without investing gobs of money into it.   Just figure out a strategy to go along with it.  Sharing some of these tips to help you start a blog that has the protentional to be profitable as well. 

1. Laying out a solid foundation for your blog:

Of it, as your blog has a foundation to be successful, so does your home.  You really can not build a solid foundation,  when it does not rock solid. 

How to start a blog, has some ground rules that you need to follow.   These are not technical ones.  That came at a later time. 

Right now, All that you need to think about are the 5 W's

You are asking what are the 5 W's.  I'm so glad that you asked this. 

Journalism, with writing, uses these 5 W's to shape a story that you are writing.  You asked these questions of who what where when and why.

So what does this have to do with this when you are starting a blog.  In a short answer, it has to do with everything. 

So in one day, you need to know:

1. who:  Are you writing for?

Knowing your target audience when you are starting a blog.   You really need to know your target readers are so that you would be able to create the kind of content that they are looking for.   Down the road, you might want to create products and services that will help simplify their lives, home, and finances too. 

2. Why:  Why do you want to start a blog?

My goal is to help others to simplify their lives, home, also their finances too.   Blogging has to be something that you really love. 

So if you are wanting to start a blog, do it because all the topics that you are writing about you are passionate about.  That you write about them all day long.

3. What: problems are you solving?

When someone comes to your blog, The are looking for a solution for a problem that they are currently are having. 

Might be able to help them with their budget, or how to organizes there home. Or the challenges of life too.   So your blog has to be set up with the problem and how to solve it.

4. When:  ARe you going to be working on your blog?

This is something huge for many newbies that start out in the blogging community.  You wouldn't go on a cross country trip without a plan in place.  You really wouldn't want to start a blog before you know which direction you are going to end up.

Maybe you are wanting to have a blog Because you really love writing, and you want to connect with other bloggers to find help with it. 

So what your blogging goal is visible in your head.  That has a clear present you would be able to wrap your plan around it. 

2. Knowing your Ideal blog niche:

So if you have covered the 5w. you have an idea of what blog niche that you are wanting to be in.  Are you asking yourself what is a niche?

A Niche s a section of various blogging landscaping that you carve out for yourself.  Your niche reflex the audience that you are writing too and writing about.

Is your niche a unique one.

3. Thinking about branding your blog?

So if you are considering starting a blog.  You really need the sense of what your brand is going to be about.

Domain name



Blog theme


color scheme

blog images so much more.

4. Picking the blogging Platform you are going to be using:

Like the Domain name.

Blogging Platform.

Or what hosting company you are going to be using.

Examples of blogging Platforms you can consider in using.




Sitegroud and so much more.

Starting a blog is a creative and fun thing to do.   Considering starting a blog.  Just start, and see where your blogging journey takes you,  seeing the rewards that you are wanting

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How to create a cleaning schedule to save your sanity.

Creating a cleaning schedule to help you with the chores in your home to keep it neet and clean as well.
Home Cleaning Schedule

You haven't found the right solution to help with maintaining and clean your home.  Which is well maintained, and organized home.  So if you create a cleaning routine that works within your lifestyle and your cleaning requirements, you would be able to keep up with cleaning.  So when you do, chores don't get so out of control.

So if you keep your home reasonably decluttered, clean and neat, you'll avoid the necessity of marathon cleaning seasons.   Which depends on your lifestyle, You might want to find it easier to perform the basic chores daily. Delegate the bigger chores in the morning or afternoon on the weekend.

So if your like to have your weekend free.  Tackle one room or one big chore every day, in addition to your daily chores to allow you time for leisure.

From time to time your lifestyle becomes busy with long days at work and or family obligations. It pays to plan your week and plot your course.  Your week will go more smoothly if you start each Monday with a clean, neat, and organized home.  With clean clothing and other laundry and be able to stock your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer too.

Your weekends or even your days off will be more enjoyable if you don't have rooms to declutter, piled-up dishes and amount of laundry.

Create your own style:

Determine your comfort zone of neatness and cleanness. Some things, such as a clean kitchen and bathroom, are non-negotiable. But shelves even door frames sometimes get missed.  But according to the white glove test, it might acceptable for some.

Keeping the public rooms -living and dining rooms neat may be important to you. Or you might be less interested in your bedroom or hobby space.

Today I'm going to share some tips on how you can establish a cleaning routine to help you with the cleanness with the neatness and organizes home would be.

1. Determine your lifestyle.

2. Your comfort level of neat and clean.

3.  Determine your Cleaning Frequency.

4. Be flexible with your time.

Determine your lifestyle:

Are you a room base cleaner, or a tasked based?   Before you start creating your cleaning schedule sit down and figure out which approach makes sense to you.

Many people prefer to be tasked based, they like to get all the dusting done in one day, then mopping there entire home the next day, on the third day they do the vacuuming, and do the laundry on the fourth day.

Others prefer room basing, By cleaning one room at a time.

Your comfort level of neat and clean:

By choosing the standard of cleaning that you would be able to meet. Instead of copying someone else's.

I could live a parallel line, in cleaning my the way my mother could.  I always felt infer when my mother would come to visit.   The reason was that I couldn't live up to her standard of cleaning.  Her way of cleaning method was so the perfect-a queen could do a white glove test of clean.

Which isn't the point of how clean your home is, or not making this a pattern after all the lines disappear when someone walks over them.

I would see the fine lines in the way my mother would clean before I would come by.  I really don't know how she would keep her home clean before.  Just having a clean home should not be your daily goal.

Determine your cleaning frequency:

You have to determine how frequently you want to perform these basic chores, that you can do every day.

  • making the beds
  • Put away clothing, also your children's toys
  • wash dishes,  spray and wipe off counters and cooktop or range.
  • take out the trash and recycling. 
  • Cleaning out your pet's litter box 
  • Wiping out the bathrooms sinks, and spray the showers too. 
So if your work schedule changes a little bit or if you have after-work pursuing such as continuing your education or children's activities,  Basic chores and meal preparation and some laundry may be all that you can manage in on the day.


Weekly chores include laundry, ironing, and dry-cleaning delivery and pickup.  Which helps to be on top of your game with your housework.
  • cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Dusting furniture and shelves
  • Shake or vacuum area rugs
  • Vacuum living area
  • Mop hand surface( not wood)floors 
  • change bed linen
  • Sweeping front entry and steps
Buying groceries.   IT is best to clean first the Kitchen and bathrooms to get them out of the way.

Every two week:  

You might consider these examples, of sweeping out the garage shake out the area rugs and doormats outside before you take the time to vacuum them. It is best to vacuum under the furniture even under your cushions too.  


These chores to keep your home looking neat and clean. You would be able to block some time out. to be able to clean your windows or any other surfaces that need attention. 

Here is a time-saving tip.   It takes 30 mins, to do some of the tasked that you have scheduled to do.  to keep your home neat and clean.

Be flexible with your time:

Once you have your cleaning schedule creates, be prepared to adjust it from time to time.  As you learn about the level of energy you have and getting to know your home as well.
for work, that has drained you in so many ways, hat you would have to reschedule it to a day that is most convenient for you.

Your cleaning schedule is not set in stone,  You will be able to make adjustments so that it works for you.

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